Three seagulls

3 seagulls crop















One of my better ones. When cropping always come back to the question:”What do I want to make the main subject?”

Everything that doesn’t add to the main subject should be removed. The most powerful pictures are simple. Not simplistic but simple. As in… on point.

The goal is to make images that grab the viewer. In this case the scene itself is not special. Getting three seagulls resting on the railing at the same time is the object of attention.

So, does the tall building on the left add to the bird story? Nope. Does it benefit from zooming in to see the birds better? Yep.

So then my final concern was using the rule of thirds to advantage. I played around with the crop size and location. If the image lends itself, I like the square crop. Something about it makes for powerful images. Back in the days, I had a Rolliflex Twin Lens. There are legions of professional photographers who are devotes of that crop. I am starting to appreciate it more and more.

So I got the first and second bird on the rule of thirds vertical. It works does it?

Three seagulls


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